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Why did you decide to study in the field of STEM?

I have always been interested in how a computer works and wanted to learn and understand how to program apps for my phone. On the way I figured that the field is quite big and there is more to it than "just" programming. There always something new to learn which is why I still love this field.

What were your biggest hurdles during your studies and early career?

I did not know anybody who is working in the field, so I wasn't aware of all the opportunities and didn't know who to ask questions or how to deal with certain situations. It was also not that easy to get an internship in the field of software engineering.

Which support did you receive in your career to lead you to where you are today?

I think there are many aspects which lead me to where I am today: my family who let me do it "my way", my study colleagues who challenged me and with whom I developed great projects together. And lastly, the support I got from my colleagues at work and the company itself. I highly value an environment which enables every employee (who wants to) grow, e.g. through continuous feedback from team members and superiors.

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