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For female tech talent








Insights: into the company's women's initiatives
Interaction: with women already working in those companies
Community: become part of women in the technology community
Visibility: gain visibility for your profile & skillset
Overview: get an overview of companies with open tech roles at a glance


For Companies

Do you know the struggle of hiring STEM talent, especially female talent, and retaining them because it is a challenge to see as an attractive workplace for women?


We are developing a platform that enables your company to become more attractive to female tech talent and simultaneously puts your female tech employees into the spotlight as role models to accelerate their careers.


Your company can hire female tech talent, contributing to reducing the shortage of skilled workers without spending exorbitant resources on recruitment activities without much return on investment.

Become and position your company as a pioneer in hiring female tech talent

Company profile with one video of your team


Ambassador profiles (women working in tech positions at your company) including a video of their career path


Job vacancies on your profile


Employer branding toward women for your company


Empower your female employees as ambassadors


Hire in all tech roles with cultural fit through the communication between your ambassador and the possible applicant

Success of your company

Increases company loyalty.
Boosts the set confidence of women already working in your company


Become a Partner as Educational Institutions

Account for your female students

  • they can specify which skills they have

  • can apply for the jobs of the list of companies

  • can interact and see female role models in their field will increase female students

  • self-esteem

  • motivation

  • performance

will lead to a higher number of female students



  • In DACH only 17% of the employees in tech are female.


  • From 1,000 female graduates in the EU, only 24 graduate in STEM-related fields. Of these 24 graduates, only 6 women end up working in the STEM industry.


  • The number of women in C-level in tech companies is very low, which leads to less female employees, because women are more likely to hire women than men. 

Why is the increase of the number of women in tech so important?

  • It is one oft he SDG goals „Gender equality and self-determination of women and girls“

  • An increase of women would lead to an increase of the GDP

  • Technology enters and changes all areas of life, so it needs to be done in a balanced perspective 



Missing role-models 

Although there are female role-models in the sector, they are not as visable as their male colleagues. 

Missing support

Women get less support in STEM-related activities than men at a young age.

Old stereotypes

In our society, the wrong stereotype of technology as a male domain still persists.


Caused by the three factors above



Structural and cultural causes for the lack of women:


  • Harrasment at the working-place


  • A big gender pay gap, which is in STEM related fields even higher than the usual gender pay gap



 #1 platform that connects  companies with female STEM students & and women working in technology to accelerate their careers.


A platform for women in technology

showing the role-models & how they can accelerate in their career.


About Us

We are passionate women on a mission to ignite change in the world of technology. With our shared vision and extensive backgrounds in tech, we've joined forces to create a platform that champions women in this dynamic field.

Our Story:

We have individually journeyed through the exciting, yet often challenging, landscape of technology. Our paths converged when we realized that women were underrepresented in this domain, and the incredible potential of untapped talent inspired us to take action.

The Vision:

At techwomen we're not just building a platform; we're building a movement. Our goal is to empower, educate, and elevate women in tech:

Empower: We believe that every woman has the potential to excel in technology. Our platform equips women with the network, role models, and opportunities they need to thrive.

Elevate: We celebrate the achievements of women in tech and provide a stage for their voices to be heard.

Our Commitment:

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of techwomen. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that welcomes women from all backgrounds, experiences, and walks of life. Together, we can break down barriers and shatter stereotypes.


more coming soon...

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